Knives Out is a third-person shooter that is a free-to-play mobile game based on the battle royale concept inspired by games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and H1Z1. Here are the basics you need to become the last player standing.

Control on the go Edit

Knives Out has to change up the control scheme because there is no dedicated controller, nor a keyboard and mouse. The movement joystick is on the lower left corner, while the right stick lets you look around. Tap the shoot button above the right stick to fire. There is a button in the middle to access your inventory. Take some time to get used to the simplified controls if you’re coming from PC.

Location is everything Edit

So far there is only one playable map, and the initial landing zone will affect your chance of survival. Skillful players will choose to land in crowded places such as Central City so they can defeat as many players as early as possible. Beginners should land in more remote areas so they can search for early loot in relative peace.

Mark it up Edit

Markers are also useful as they guide players to their destination. To use the marker, all you need to do is to tap on your destination on the mini map. The marker is very useful especially when you are in a squad because it is easier to coordinate a meet-up point.

Equipment roulette Edit

Weapons spawn randomly during the game, so finding an appropriate class of gun suited for your play style is down to luck. Armour is also very important, but remember that it has a limited durability and will break as you take hits. Always be on the lookout for better replacements.

Tutorial problems Edit

The tutorial does cover most of the basics, such as moving around, the shrinking zone areas, and how to look for supplies. But it is missing two very important things: how to drive the in-game vehicles and how to control the parachute. Be sure to practise these two skills before jumping into competitive play.

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