P9 Pistol Edit

A one handed gun that uses the 9 mm sub machine gun ammo. Has low damage and slow firing rate.


The crossbow is the only ’bow’ in the game right now, it has damage of about 105; the highest damage of ranged weapons in the game. To balance the damage, it fires slow with the reload time of 6 seconds after each shot.

Shotgun Edit

All variants are effective at close range firing. The common variant, M860, is a pump action with the medium range, but has a slower firing rate. The opposite is the SK12, which has worse range but since semi-automatic, it has better firing rate. The M88C is above the other two in damage and firing range, but has a lower mag size and can be equipped with a sight.

Assault Rifle Edit

High range weapons with enough stopping power to rule the game effectively. Six of the variants use the 5.56 mm rifle ammo, while the AK-47, Type 81 and Amphibious Rifles use the 7.62 mm ammo.

Sniper Rifle Edit

High range weapons with a better output if you know what you are doing. All 7 use the same sniper rifle ammo, and there are 4 bolt action snipers. All spawn naturally except for the AWM and CS/LR-4 Sniper which are found in crates.

Sub machine gun Edit

Sub machines guns are the most common guns you will see In the buildings. They have high firing rates but do little damage. They are best suited for suppresive fire. All use the 9 mm ammo and have a damage per shot around that of a pistol. The last one is also mounted in a variety of vehicles and uses the same ammunition.

Melee weapons Edit

These weapons are a bit farther ranged than your punch, but focus on hitting. They all have same range, and take at least half health if without armor. They are best for sneak attacks as you do not want to rush in with a brick against someone else, even with level 3 armor. The pot cover has been known to deflect bullets but is a rare occurrence and as such, it is best to not rely on it.

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